Madison Circus Space

The Madison Circus Space is an area of celebration for the circus arts. The MCS welcomes clubs and classes in addition to providing a practice space for dedicated performers and hobbyists. Juggling, German wheel, stiltwalking, aerial arts, acrobatic yoga, and hoop dancing are just a few of the activities that take place in the space. While pursuing nonprofit status, the MCS holds workshops and events that are open to the community and meant to foster appreciation for the variety of circus-related talent and creativity in Madison.

For more information about the Madison Circus Space, please direct a message of inquiry here.


Falling Like a Feather

This workshop will explore some of the basic drops the aerial fabric/rope has to offer. Learn how to enhance all these drops with a touch of the dramatic and to transition from one to another. We will cover same-side drops (catchers), star-drops (s-wraps), split fabric (cross back), and one of my favorite drops “the toga”. […]

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Cristen dance pic

Contemporary Dance

Fridays 5-6:30pm June 20-Aug 29, 2014 Madison Circus Space Develop your floor work, musicality, and range of expressive movement in this intermediate-level modern/contemporary dance class taught by Kate Hewson and Cristen Woolston. Each class will include a warmup, technique/conditioning work, and phrases across the floor. Cristen and Kate will each teach 5 of the 10 […]

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Trapeze Fundamentals II

Do you want to climb, play, and learn the skills to fly? This next eight-week series will further the exploration into static trapeze and aerial arts. This series is a continuation of Trapeze Fundamentals I that focuses on building the technique, strength, balance, and awareness to create a foundation for aerial arts.  Dance trapeze is a […]

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Hooping Workshop: Breaks with Rachael Lust

2014 Female Hooper of the Year, Rachael Lust, is coming to Madison! When her Thrift Store hooping video caught fire she became one of the Internet’s most recognized hoopers, capturing the attention of hoopers and non hoopers alike. She even made her way to the Queen Latifah show this April. Rachael is a self proclaimed […]

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Intermediate Aerial Silks

This class is meant for people with some aerial silks experience who are looking to learn new moves and finesse their technique. In this class, students will: Learn good warm up and stretching techniques Work on finessing the basics, making them more elegant and comfortable – V-ups, climbs, pointed toes (yup, it’s harder than it […]

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Adult Gymnastics/Tumbling Workshop

This class is for beginning to intermediate tumblers. We’ll be working on rolls, handstands, and cartwheels to begin with, laying the foundation for tucks, handsprings, and beyond. The focus is going to be on strong technique, joint strength and flexibility to prevent injuries and prepare for higher level elements, and of course, having a great […]

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German Wheel Class

German Wheel Club

The German Wheel Club welcomes all skill levels. When: Sundays, 4:00pm – 6:00pm Cost: First time is free! $10 per time thereafter. Buy  12 sessions for a discount of $90 dollars. For more information: Contact Rob Summerbell at or Carly Schuna at

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Madison Area Jugglers

When: Check back this Fall when the Madison Area Jugglers return to MCS! Cost: FREE! The Madison Area Jugglers is open to everyone. We are a very informal group, with no dues, membership restrictions, age requirements, or attendance records. In other words, we’re just a bunch of folks who like to get together and throw things. […]

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Aerial Yoga

AERIAL YOGA: with Marcia Miquelon, Luv Joy Seamon, and Jess Clark. We’ll use aerially suspended fabrics, or hammocks, to play with the principals of Hatha Yoga: Grounding while expanding, finding balance and freedom through the alignment of breath, physicality, and intention, exploring our relationship to gravity and bouyancy, finding length in the spine and greater […]

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Table Tennis

Come play table tennis, three days per week. 8 tables! Play against the Table Tennis Robot. Lots of fun. All skill levels welcome. When: Mondays, 5:30pm – 9:30pm Wednesdays, 5:30pm – 9:30pm Saturdays, 10:am – 2:00pm Cost: $5/drop in  

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